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Saving you from the traps of VAT

A tailored service

Bright Brown’s VAT clients range from those with detailed records on SAGE to others with simply sales invoices and purchase receipts. Whether your records are comprehensive or only partial, Bright Brown will prepare your VAT return and work out the correct amount your business needs to pay. We will also submit your VAT returns online. If Customs and Excise raise questions or make enquiries, we'll deal with these on your behalf. 

Bright Brown can assist you with VAT registration and de-registration and advise you on whether it is beneficial for you to be on a VAT Scheme. 

Should your VAT circumstances prove to be uniquely complex or problematic, Bright Brown can provide you with access to specialist external VAT advice. 

The rates for our VAT services are extremely competitive. After a FREE initial consultation, Bright Brown can provide a quote for a one- year fixed fee rate covering all work over that period unless your circumstances change radically.

 With Bright Brown handling your VAT needs, you can be sure that you are paying or reclaiming the right amount of VAT at the right time without incurring penalties for submitting your VAT return late or for getting your VAT return wrong.