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Payroll Bureau

Taking the pain out of PAYE

Guiding you through pension requirements

Like it or not, the workplace pension schemes and auto-enrolment of employees into such schemes will affect virtually every employer in the country. And with the Pension Regulator already handing out some hefty fines to the larger businesses that are non-compliant it is important that you do not fall foul of your mandatory responsibilities.

Bright Brown has a fully trained team on hand to ensure you know your eligible employee from your non-eligible employee or joiner and how to deal with them. Our completely tailored service can provide as little or as much support as you need, from simply including the contributions on the employee payslips for each payroll cycle to dealing with all the administrative paperwork to your employees and the pension companies. Take away the fear and put yourself in the more than capable hands of the Bright Brown payroll bureau team.

A tailored service

With the Bright Brown PAYE service, you can phone to tell us how many hours your staff have worked or email our specially devised spreadsheet. We'll work out how much to pay and generate the payslips. On your authority, we can organise wage payments and set up fax or electronic banking instructions. If you are currently using a SAGE payroll software programme, we'll take that over for you. By doing so we'll save you the cost of updates. 

Bright Brown is here to handle all the complications that come with PAYE. These include working out sick pay and maternity and paternity pay, not to mention submitting the statutory forms to HM Revenue and Customs under the new Real Time Information regime. If an employee has a query, just put them in touch with us - we're here to help.

With Bright Brown handling your PAYE, you save administration time and hassle, giving yourself more time to run your business. 

Making CIS easier too 

With penalties of up to £3,000 per return if you fail to keep the correct records and £100 per return per month if you are late filing the return, making mistakes in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is an expensive business. 

Bright Brown offers a specialised CIS service to contractors. We'll deduct the necessary tax from your labour costs, prepare your monthly Revenue returns, ensure your subcontractors are verified and prepare their payment statements. In what is one of the Revenue's strictest and most complex areas, Bright Brown will remove all the work and worry for you.