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Fee Protection

A Tailored Service

With the cost starting from just £50 per year including VAT, Bright Brown strongly recommend you take advantage of this additional service that will enable us to offer you peace of mind by ensuring that our fees for attending meetings with H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or responding to correspondence from HMRC when you are subject to an HMRC check, enquiry, visit, meeting or dispute are covered. 

Complimentary access to employment law and health and safety advice lines is included.

The cover includes income tax and corporation tax enquiries (full and aspect), even informal enquiries commenced by telephone, if they require a written response. The cover also includes PAYE / NIC compliance visits, Value Added Tax compliance visits, CIS / IR35 and other status enquiries, minimum wage enquiries, inheritance tax enquiries and enquiries into repayment claims.

Click here to view the policy summary and click here to view a copy of our leaflet.