Our Services

Accounts and Audit

Bright Brown know the issues that matter to people in business today, and we make a point of tailoring our services to meet your exact needs. You can take advantage of our accountancy and audit fee, fixed for three years.

You can even pay by instalments, so you know what you’ll be paying and you can plan ahead. Whether your accounts are complex or straightforward, give us a call to arrange your free initial consultation.

Bright Brown have Registered Auditor status and are eligible to audit or independently examine all limited companies, charities, pension schemes, clubs, industrial and provident societies and friendly societies.


If you're in business, you have to keep a record of your income and outgoings. On paper, that's a simple process. But with changes to legislation bookkeeping is becoming complicated, making it more likely that mistakes will be made. In fact, bookkeeping mistakes are one of the main sources of end of year tax problems.

With Bright Brown looking after your books, accuracy is only one of the benefits. We'll keep your records up to date so you'll always know where your business stands financially. Our service is based on efficiency - which can save you money in both the short and long term.

Business Support

At Bright Brown we are more than just accountants. Bright Brown has extensive knowledge in multiple industry sectors which makes us well placed to provide business support to your business. Whether you are just starting up or looking to expand, Bright Brown can assist you. It can be a lonely place at the helm of your business which is why at Bright Brown we strive to work in partnership with our clients.

Using decades of experience Bright Brown can assist you in setting up your business; assist you to secure funding; prepare business plans and forecasts; install, set up & maintain IT systems; and assist you with strategic planning to develop and grow your business.

Fee Protection

Our insurers have advised us that that they have seen an unprecedented level of claims this year and that the number of claims notified was 46% higher than last year. HM Revenue and Customs are targeted to deliver an extra £7 billion per annum in compliance yield by 2014/15 which is likely to be achieved through a mix of targeted campaigns and general enquiries.

Bright Brown have considerable expertise in defending clients under enquiry by HMRC. If you are selected for a tax enquiry or a visit, we will aim to deal with any issues raised by HMRC quickly and, in the current economic climate, we feel it is now even more appropriate to offer our clients protection from these costs which can regularly amount to over £4,000. Even an apparently straightforward aspect enquiry can cost over £1,000.

Managing Your Wealth

Bright Brown offer a comprehensive Wealth Management service that covers all aspects of tax planning. By its nature this is a highly personalised service that is undertaken by a team trained and specialising in tax planning advice. Bright Brown also work in partnership with each client’s legal advisor to ensure the client receives a complete service. This is particularly pertinent during estate planning and when trust vehicles are utilised.

For business clients Bright Brown understand that it’s not just about how much money you make …. it’s about how much you get to keep. Bright Brown offer all business clients a review to ensure they are withdrawing business profits in the most tax efficient way. Bright Brown also work closely with clients in the run up to their retirement, assisting clients succession planning.

Payroll Bureau

As a business owner or director, one of your tasks is to act as an unpaid Tax Collector. Worst still, you may have to pay for the privilege. Make a mistake and underpay the Inland Revenue and you will be penalised. Your staff won't be that happy either!

Let Bright Brown handle your PAYE requirements and take the administration burden off your shoulders. We offer a complete and cost-effective payroll service. In fact, even if you're doing your PAYE yourself, you'll find the price of our service is still competitive against your costs!

Specialist Sectors

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Bright Brown has a great deal of experience in completing self-assessment tax returns for individuals, partnerships, companies and trusts. With a specialised tax department consisting of qualified accountants, Bright Brown recognises the importance of this key service to clients.

Bright Brown will also complete you tax repayment claims, provide advice and communicate directly with HM Revenue and Customs to ensure your affairs are kept up-to-date. Bright Brown also offers tax advice to UK nationals overseas and to foreign nationals in the UK.

Bright Brown can offer a fixed price service that includes the preparation and submission of your tax return.


With a library's worth of legislation behind it, VAT is one of the most complicated taxes imposed on business. Because it is so complex, it's very easy for a business to overpay its VAT. It is also very easy to underpay it - and then have to pay the penalties.

Bright Brown offers the expertise you need to lighten your VAT burden. We provide the trained professional eyes that ensure you don't fall foul of the regulations or pay more VAT than you have to.