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Benefits in Kind


Benefits in Kind

If you are an employer providing benefits to anyone by reason of their employment you should now be completing P11D forms for the year ended 5 April 2016 to report these to HM Revenue & Customs. Beware, you may be providing reportable benefits to someone who is not necessarily your employee, e.g. providing a car to a local football star on a promotional basis is providing a reportable benefit by reason of his employment with the local football club.

Don’t get caught out when Bright Brown can guide you through the process and ensure you report accurately and punctually. Remember, these forms must reach HM Revenue & Customs and a copy given to the respective recipient of the benefit by 6 July 2016. Any national insurance payable on the benefits also needs to be paid by 19 July 2016. So don’t delay, call Bright Brown today…

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